Pathetic Event [Please Excuse My Language]

Yup. This event was completely and utterly pathetic. I expected more from you guys. The whole event was nothing but chaos and we got horrible sizes. Do you really want to be known as the has-been major army who took a fall and only get’s a mere 6 people online? I sure as hell don’t. And hope you don’t either. Here are some things that will be enacted immediately to help make sure nothing like this ever happens again.

  • Updating the owner ranks

We had way too much confusion over who was leading the event and who was doing tactics or not. I’m going to move some of the newer troops down to moderators because I believe since the older troops have been here longer, they deserve the higher rank. Don’t take this the wrong way, but it has to happen in order to make this army better.

I will NOT have another repeat of tonight, troops. Understood? You humiliated ourselves and our reputation. Hey, maybe it wasn’t our night. But I won’t except excuses from now on. I expect our previous sizes back very soon.

And for all of you who flame and disrespect me, here’s a little something for you…

“When my time on Earth is gone, and my activities here are past, I want them to bury me upside down, and my critics can kiss my ass.”

~Lime THE Viking King


The Real Brain [Should we keep him in the army?]

Well, Brain had an unexpected visit on the Red Vikings chat today. In fact, this  encounter showed us some very interesting things. After looking at these pictures, please make a very important decision. Should we keep Brain in the army?

Brain was speaking to Morggg.

Brain calling us all stupid. Nice guy huh?

Brain claiming that he’s not fit to lead an army

Brain saying that we aren’t good enough leaders. Really Brain? Really?

Brain isn’t as nice as he seems right? Well now it’s time for you to make a very important vote. Keep Brain in the army (The guy who called us all stupid terrible leaders) or keep him in. It’s your choice.

~Morggg1234/Lime (We both helped make the post)

Top Ten Worthy [I expect 10+]

Well well well, RV. Looks like the SMAC has really lowered their standards for who they put in the top ten. In fact, we’ve already surpassed the first armies 10-5 in the top ten in size and tactics. If they continue to have such low standards, we should be able to easily accomplish the top 5 if not top 3 in SMAC.

I also expect us to accomplish at least 12+ next week. I want every single one of you to recruit 2 people this week. If we can recruit 8 more active troops, we should be able to reach our former title of major.

We got more than this at an unscheduled event.

Really? This is a top ten army?

This is how much we could have had if we had half of our troops at the unscheduled event. But, people don’t spend their entire lives on xat.

Yeahhhh…not very impressive, right? Well don’t fret Red Vikings. We’ll get back into the top ten very soon. I need more recruits and I need more active troops. Those of you who become inactive will be fired.

~Lime The Viking King

Training Session/Recruiting [TIME CHANGE] ~ PB with GD

Freakky Edit: I’ve also planned something for us, we’ll be training VERY hard this week, cuz I promise you, next week, we’re at least a Top Fifteen. We’re having a PB with GD, so be ready and MAKE THIS EVENT!!! All this week we’re having much training but next Saturday, its big business. SO MAKE THIS EVENT!!! I accept at least 10-15 at this next week event. C YA dair!


Server: Outback

11:00 AM PST

12:00 PM MST

1:00 PM CST

2:00 PM EST

7:00 PM GMT


   I apologize for the late notice, but I decided if we are going to rise to the top we will need to start off quickly and with power.

   Because we haven’t had very many events lately (and the ones you HAVE had weren’t very successful) I decided we needed a little training session to kinda get our rusty gears moving again to prepare for future battles.

   To the New Troops: I expect you to respect me and the other leaders during this event because I will respect you. We are all here for the same reasons. To have fun and to rise above all.

What: Training Session

Where: Pine Needles, Stadium

When: Sunday, November 4

Why: To prepare for our upcoming war…


5:30 EST

4:30 CST

3:30 MST

2:30 PST

10:30 GMT (Excused)

~Lime the Viking King

My Return. Let’s Roll.

   I’ve been very disappointed in the way things have been going around here. It’s very saddening to see RV in such a weak state right now, and it’s not completely the fault of our leaders. Yes. Even the troops have responsibility for the army. Here is how things are going to go down.

  • We get new graphics
  • We train train train
  • Get new allies
  • Declare war
  • Become major once more

   Now that we’ve left our Golden Age behind, it’s going to take a lot longer to grow to our former size. But, as I’ve been looking through the SMAC top tens, I’ve found something very interesting. The SMAC has really lowered their standards to who they give the top ten to. Now a days, they give a top ten title to an army who gets a mere 3 troops! If this is the case, I expect us to be medium very soon.

   And finally, I expect every single one of you to give 110% if you really want this army to rein once more. Are you ready?

~Lime The Viking King


Possible Comeback [Do you need me back?]

   Hello Red Vikings. I’ve come here on behalf of the Pirate’s rein of terror. Unfortunately, this is just how Club Penguin armies work. You have one super power, all of the armies slightly below that super power, and then you have the smaller army who strives for power but cannot do so without taking drastic measures. In this case, it’s the Pirates attempting to take over all small armies. The Pirates have attempted to do this many times before, but failed. The truth of the matter is, they cannot defeat all small armies. Small armies have a special quality that all major armies have lost. That is the deep care for their troops and their allies. Small armies will for alliances to defeat the Pirates once and for all.

You don’t lead by hitting people over the head – that’s assault, not leadership.
Dwight D. Eisenhower


Wake Up And Smell The Coffee [Wake Up Call]

Consider this your wake up call troops. I am no longer your leader, but as your advisor, I want to let you know that you’re slipping away to a slow death while your former small allies are growing into medium armies while you’re left in the dust. You are in danger of dying a pathetic death because you are not giving the effort to work for it. I didn’t work my butt off to gain the respect from other armies and news sites and loose it all. I suggest that you tighten up around here and gain back your former respect. Just answer one question for me. Are you willing to work hard and do what it takes to go back to our former glory?


To Brain:

Brain, why don’t you grow up already. Your acting like a complete child and we’ve tried to apologies to you. I’m no longer going to put up with this crap and you and your friends can play your silly little games. I’m retiring from CP armies because they are stupid and for little kids. The Red Vikings will be carried on by Cawasky. I ask that you don’t declare war on the Red Vikings for my actions. Don’t take it out on them.

To Cawasky: You are now the leader of the Red Vikings and I wish you the best. You’ve been a big help and I’ll add you to the site ASAP.

As for the rest of you, thanks for staying loyal for such a long time. I’m gonig to continue my career in graphic making. I also might come back one day as an adviser.


Forever a Viking

First Event for the 2G

Well, we began our new generation last night at around 10:00 pm EST and we’re going to start training like mad. I want the SMAC to see us and notice us on the first day because I want a spot in the top ten. I expect at LEAST 2nd. Getting into the top ten will be easy because the SMAC have really lowered their standards for the sizes of armies in the top ten. But, to get bigger we’re going to need to bring back our troops. @Cawasky: Please, if you find any of our troops lingering around tell them that the RV is back and they are promised a high rank.

What: Training Session

Where: Ice Pond, Cove

When: 10/8/12

Why: To prepare for future PB’s


5:30 EST (pm)

4:30 CST (pm)

3:30 MST (pm)

2:30 PST (pm)

10:30 GMT (pm)

Now let’s bring back our former glory in the Major Top Ten.


Viking King Forever

The End.

I own every single one of you loyal troops a sincere apology for letting you down. We had a good run. But it is time that the RV moves on. We fought amazing battles, we conquered land, and we won hard fought battles with glory. We fought together, won together, and grew together. I am very proud of this army and I thank you loyal troops who were around till the end. I will always keep this army in my heart. But just wait a second. There is just one more thing I’d like to add about that… Continue reading