Pathetic Event [Please Excuse My Language]

Yup. This event was completely and utterly pathetic. I expected more from you guys. The whole event was nothing but chaos and we got horrible sizes. Do you really want to be known as the has-been major army who took a fall and only get’s a mere 6 people online? I sure as hell don’t. And hope you don’t either. Here are some things that will be enacted immediately to help make sure nothing like this ever happens again.

  • Updating the owner ranks

We had way too much confusion over who was leading the event and who was doing tactics or not. I’m going to move some of the newer troops down to moderators because I believe since the older troops have been here longer, they deserve the higher rank. Don’t take this the wrong way, but it has to happen in order to make this army better.

I will NOT have another repeat of tonight, troops. Understood? You humiliated ourselves and our reputation. Hey, maybe it wasn’t our night. But I won’t except excuses from now on. I expect our previous sizes back very soon.

And for all of you who flame and disrespect me, here’s a little something for you…

“When my time on Earth is gone, and my activities here are past, I want them to bury me upside down, and my critics can kiss my ass.”

~Lime THE Viking King


4 comments on “Pathetic Event [Please Excuse My Language]

  1. Lime,have patience and raging at your troops isnt gonna help your sizes.First of all you are the LEADER and your army is getting 6+.Just think about that.Its not your troops’ fault,its your fault. -_-

    • It’s entirely my fault because 13 troops told me they would be able to make it and only 6 showed up. I agree that I shouldn’t be raging at my troops and to have patience but I was all fired up because all of the commotion on the chat and everyone was getting confused.

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