The Real Brain [Should we keep him in the army?]

Well, Brain had an unexpected visit on the Red Vikings chat today. In fact, this  encounter showed us some very interesting things. After looking at these pictures, please make a very important decision. Should we keep Brain in the army?

Brain was speaking to Morggg.

Brain calling us all stupid. Nice guy huh?

Brain claiming that he’s not fit to lead an army

Brain saying that we aren’t good enough leaders. Really Brain? Really?

Brain isn’t as nice as he seems right? Well now it’s time for you to make a very important vote. Keep Brain in the army (The guy who called us all stupid terrible leaders) or keep him in. It’s your choice.

~Morggg1234/Lime (We both helped make the post)


13 comments on “The Real Brain [Should we keep him in the army?]

    • (: Thanks for all the nice comments I’ve gotten by lime, morggg, Master, Leon. Those were some AWESOME comments. To start off, how many of you are NOT American, or have friends that are NOT American? Do you tease them that they are “Asian” or “African” all the time? Do you? Does it matter what country you’re from, or what religion you are? No? Yes? Well according to a few of you, it does. Lime keeps indicating me that I’m Asian. Now, except from the look, what difference is there between an Asian person, and an American person? I would say nothing. But lime would say, EVERYTHING. In fact, she is so obsessed with me being Asian, that she is making rude, really rude comments. And those comments are being repeated by her “Slaves” . Yes, Slaves. That is one of the comments she said to me. Here is what she said, “Brain, think whatever you like. Go make your slaves do your work and praise you.” Or something like that. I’m starting to get the feeling that her family is in the K.K.K. You heard of ‘em? Good! Well anyways, here is what Morggg had to say about this, “You’re such a fool. Freaking Asian noob (XD)” Now, is that nice, or rude? YOU, Lime, TELL ME. YOU said that I’M rude, while look at this. And if you want to make excuses that you actually didn’t say that, do whatever you want. This is a fact right now… You people are haters. is all the proof I need.

      Next, What does it matter what I like to do? It doesn’t matter.

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