The SHUT Down

Sup peeps!

Red Vikings are officially shutting down, for good. We had a good run, making us a major was very fun and an honor to do so. Thank you for all of those great penguins who helped out along the journey. The Red Vikings will always be remembered as a success! It is sad to shut us down, however, the time has come. This is life. Everything must come and go. We were especially lucky to have been so successful. I am not planing on making this a long post, so here it is, the final word said for RV.

Good bye! 🙂

~Freakky Poo1

Special Thanks to everyone who made Red Vikings special! This is dedicated to all of those strong, and awesome soldiers and troops! 🙂

We went from here, small:

To this, medium-small:
TO THIS! Large!


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