The SHUT Down

Sup peeps!

Red Vikings are officially shutting down, for good. We had a good run, making us a major was very fun and an honor to do so. Thank you for all of those great penguins who helped out along the journey. The Red Vikings will always be remembered as a success! It is sad to shut us down, however, the time has come. This is life. Everything must come and go. We were especially lucky to have been so successful. I am not planing on making this a long post, so here it is, the final word said for RV.

Good bye! 🙂

~Freakky Poo1

Special Thanks to everyone who made Red Vikings special! This is dedicated to all of those strong, and awesome soldiers and troops! 🙂

We went from here, small:

To this, medium-small:
TO THIS! Large!

We’re CPAC’s Army of The Week!

Sup peeps!

Guess what? I don’t know how this happened but CPAC made us their “Army of The Week”! This is a GIANT privilege to have and I am very proud of ALL of you. I was actullly just checking my old army’s site when I saw that CPAC said we’re the army of the week, for a second I thought, we were it before, maybe the toolbar is just broken, well I was WRONG, we’ve made it once again and I have a feeling we’re in the Top Ten this week! Here’s the post click HERE to see it!


~Freakky Poo1

Pathetic Event [Please Excuse My Language]

Yup. This event was completely and utterly pathetic. I expected more from you guys. The whole event was nothing but chaos and we got horrible sizes. Do you really want to be known as the has-been major army who took a fall and only get’s a mere 6 people online? I sure as hell don’t. And hope you don’t either. Here are some things that will be enacted immediately to help make sure nothing like this ever happens again.

  • Updating the owner ranks

We had way too much confusion over who was leading the event and who was doing tactics or not. I’m going to move some of the newer troops down to moderators because I believe since the older troops have been here longer, they deserve the higher rank. Don’t take this the wrong way, but it has to happen in order to make this army better.

I will NOT have another repeat of tonight, troops. Understood? You humiliated ourselves and our reputation. Hey, maybe it wasn’t our night. But I won’t except excuses from now on. I expect our previous sizes back very soon.

And for all of you who flame and disrespect me, here’s a little something for you…

“When my time on Earth is gone, and my activities here are past, I want them to bury me upside down, and my critics can kiss my ass.”

~Lime THE Viking King

Results of nothing + DON’T FORGET SATURDAY!!!

Hello peeps!

We sucked badly today! Horrayyy!!! SHIT! Shit is what I mean, we really sucked, we only got in the whole thing 8 freaking’ people. And even though we had tactics, nobody listened to me. Anyway I hope we do better next time, cuz so far, I’m pissed off at RV. Here’s the freaking pics


What: Practice Battle

Where: Outback, Town

When: Saturday, November 10th

Why: To prepare for upcoming wars…


2:00 PM EST

1:00PM CST

12:00 AM MST

11:00 AM PST

7:00 PM GMT


~Freakky Poo1

The Real Brain [Should we keep him in the army?]

Well, Brain had an unexpected visit on the Red Vikings chat today. In fact, this  encounter showed us some very interesting things. After looking at these pictures, please make a very important decision. Should we keep Brain in the army?

Brain was speaking to Morggg.

Brain calling us all stupid. Nice guy huh?

Brain claiming that he’s not fit to lead an army

Brain saying that we aren’t good enough leaders. Really Brain? Really?

Brain isn’t as nice as he seems right? Well now it’s time for you to make a very important vote. Keep Brain in the army (The guy who called us all stupid terrible leaders) or keep him in. It’s your choice.

~Morggg1234/Lime (We both helped make the post)

Top Ten Worthy [I expect 10+]

Well well well, RV. Looks like the SMAC has really lowered their standards for who they put in the top ten. In fact, we’ve already surpassed the first armies 10-5 in the top ten in size and tactics. If they continue to have such low standards, we should be able to easily accomplish the top 5 if not top 3 in SMAC.

I also expect us to accomplish at least 12+ next week. I want every single one of you to recruit 2 people this week. If we can recruit 8 more active troops, we should be able to reach our former title of major.

We got more than this at an unscheduled event.

Really? This is a top ten army?

This is how much we could have had if we had half of our troops at the unscheduled event. But, people don’t spend their entire lives on xat.

Yeahhhh…not very impressive, right? Well don’t fret Red Vikings. We’ll get back into the top ten very soon. I need more recruits and I need more active troops. Those of you who become inactive will be fired.

~Lime The Viking King

Unscheduled Training Results

Lime: We got 7 online but Freeky had to leave so he didn’t take a picture. Not bad today troops, but I expect better from now on.

Sup peeps!

Today, actually right now 5 soldiers went on recruiting, it wasn’t the best but it was made within 5 minutes, and wasn’t posted, just made of people on chat at a very usually boring time, this is not our FULL size, but for a VERY unscheduled training, it was pretty good! Now to other soldiers, don’t forget to come to our Training/Recruiting Session tomorrow. I aspect at least 6-8 soldiers there. If you forgot the times, there in Lime’s post, below. Anyway here’s some pics from today!

The start of our session started off pretty good!


A pretty good tactic! “Join the RV today!”

“Always Improving”, some original RV words!

Five… Pretty Good!


~Freakky Poo1