We like many other armies have a medal system, but instead of calling them medals we call them pennies. This is what the Viking currency was hundreds of years ago. This is how the system works.

You earn pennies from going to events, commenting on important posts, and patrolling our servers frequently.

  • Patrolling Frequently= 3+ pennies
  • Commenting on important posts= 2+ pennies
  • Going to a training/recruiting session= 4+ pennies
  • Going to an invasion or defense= 5 pennies
  • Going to a raid=2 pennies

How to keep track of your pennies:

You can keep track of the amount of pennies you have by putting the number of pennies you have in your name on xat. Ex: My name is pennies). You can also put that in your WP account name if you’d like. We also have will try and keep track of the amount of pennies you have on this page. If we have it wrong, please let us know. Make sure if you think we have the wrong amount of pennies you give proof of the events you came to, comments you posted, and patrolling sessions you did.

How to get promoted:

You get promoted every time you get 30 pennies. Ex: If you have 15 pennies and you are a 4ic and you get 30 more pennies (total of 45) you will be promoted to 3ic. NOTE: This does not apply to owners above 4ic. Also, same rules apply as usual, if you become inactive you will be demoted.


Freakky Poo1: 0

Sir Master L: 0

Brain: 0

Arim Erty: 0

Epicorange1: 0

Cawasky2: 0

Posywillos: 0

Yugioh: 0

Jorsnape: 0

Youtums1: 0

Pengwen6: 0

Cheesecan326: 0

Dippydap1: 0

Samsungw: 0

Drewdre26: 0

Pinkster1077: 0


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