~Nation page last updated: October 21st, 2012
~Updated by: Freakky Poo1

The nation of the Red Vikings of Club Penguin is the most important aspect of the army. It includes information about land, laws, allies/enemies, and government.

1.) Servers


Ice Pond



***Training Server/Embassy***


***Training server #2***



Permafrost (claimed from RDA/Parkies)

Bunnyhill (claimed from RDA)

Pine Needles (claimed from RDA)

Slushy (claimed from UCCP)

Parka (Claimed from Shadow Warriors)


Wind Chill (shared with NCA)

Ice Cave (shared with Red Alliance)

Grizzly (shared with Red Alliance)

Flippers (shared with Red Alliance)

Sled (shared with Red Alliance)

***Merge Servers***

(Iternational Soldiers 2G Merge)

South Pole
Great White (Shared 60% w/ Rare Penguins)
Dry Ice
Sub Zero
Southern Lights
Wool Socks
Half Pipe (shared 50% w/ Heros)
Inverno (Portuguese Server)

Ice Sheet

(FFACP Merge)




Hot Chocolate

Ice Cave                                                                        

Ice Cold




Pine Needles


Powder Ball


Snow Shoe

Ice Pond– CPPA’s capitol since 7/19/11 when this army was established. Our 2nd most enemy active server out of 8. Ice Pond is a village/community since it normally has 1-2 bars of population. Ice Pond was officially claimed for CPPA on 7/20/11. We are the only army to have Ice Pond as a capitol. The Battle of Ice Pond continued from 10/1/11-10/20/11. Since the CPPA changed into SCP and SCP merged into RV, all SCP land is our land

Oyster– Oyster has been CPPA’s co-capitol since 7/19/11. Just like Ice Pond, Oyster was the co-capitol since before this army was created. It was the co-capitol server for Lime’s previous army, “Clones”. The most fought over server out of 8. RDA, FGR, and EN .

Bunnyhill– Successfully invaded from RDA on 11/6/11 at the Battle of Bunnyhill on 11/6/11

Pine Needles– Claimed twice but Pug demanded a redo. This wasn’t a problem for CPPA though. We successfully claimed Pine Needles on 11/3/11. No other battles have be on that land since then

Wind Chill– The only server that CPPA didn’t have to claim to get. When The Nyans merged as a colony into CPPA, we gained their capitol server. Nothing has happened on Wind Chill but we still keep a close watch for the enemy.

Alpine– Alpine has been CPPA server since 7/22/11. The Defense of Alpine (12/6/11) was a fail due to computer issues between CPPA and RDA. Holly from RDA and Austin from CPPA made an agreement to redo the invasion and share 50-50%.

Permafrost– Claimed from RDA in November and re-claimed from the Club Penguin Parkies in January of 2012, Permafrost is a special and prized server for CPPA due to the happy civilians, low amount of people, and no destruction from other armies. Permafrost will always be a memorial for the “Invasion of Perma”

Vanilla– Vanilla doesn’t have a big history with the SCP. It was donated by the Goblins after they died. Puck also gave it out of generosity.

Ice Cave- A portion of Ice Cave was given to the Red Vikings after we helped them defend it versus the CP Water Ninjas on 7/16/12. We don’t use it for much except for patrolling practice.

Grizzly– 50% of Grizzly was given to the Red Vikings after the Red Alliance invaded it from the Club Penguin Warriors on 7/17/12. We only use Grizzly for server parties, training, and patrolling sessions.

Flippers– We share 50% of Flippers with the Red Alliance after invading it from the Club Penguin Warriors on 7/17/12. We only use Flippers as a security server and training server.

Sled-Sled was gained by invading the Club Penguin Warriors on 7/17/12. The Red Alliance decided to have a 3 way share of 50% each. Sled is currently occupied by a vicious clan that we believe to be a Hunger Games group that gathers and protects a certain server with their life (metaphorically speaking because they can’t die)

Slushy- We claimed Slushy from the UCCP on 8/10/12 shortly after declaring war on the UCCP earlier in August. Slushy is used mainly for parties and other fun events. Slushy will be a backup Embassy server if Alpine is taken from us. Allies are welcome into this server to train and do as they please, as long as they do not invade, raid, assault, ect.

Parka- This server was claimed by the Red Alliance and given to the Red Vikings on 8/29/12 from the Shadow Warriors. This server has no history with the Red Vikings so far

2.) Allies/Neutral/Enemies

* = Regular Ally

** = Great Ally

*** = Brother Ally

**Sky Troops (ST)

***Waddling Warriors (WW)

***International Soldiers 1G|2G (ISCP)

*Team Gold (TG)

***Cheezy Cheetos of CP (CCP)

**Ninjas (none)

***Ninja Freedom Force (NFF)

***Holiday Raiders (HRCP)

**Club Penguin Assualt Force (CPAF)

*Club Penguin Music Army (CPMA)

***Red Defenders (RD)

**Doritos  (DCP)

**Rare Penguins of CP (TRP)

**United Countries of CP (UCCP)

*Navy of Club Penguin (NCP)

*Army of Club Penguin (ACP)

**Ice Warriors (IW)


*= Regular Enemy

**= Arch Enemy

***= Nemeses

*Water Vikings

***Shadow Warriors



*=Possible Allie

**=Unknown Fate

***=Possible Enemy

***Hot Sauce Army

*Light Troops

***Ice Vikings

3.) Government

Democratic Oligarchy

A Democratic Oligarchy is a type of government where the citizens (troops) have some power. The higher ranks such as High Moderators and Owners do most of the voting and decision making. This does not mean the  rest of the people are powerless, troops lower down in the ranks such as Low Mods and Members vote in only small decisions such as the next event or meeting time.

4.) Articles


Article 1:

Owners (1iC-4iC) have the ability to promote, demote, and fire any troop lower in rank then them, for example a 2iC can’t fire or ban a 1iC, if they do not meet the requirements to be in the army

Article 2:

Moderators (5iC-10iC) have the ability to suggest about promotions, demotions, and firings but do not have the power to follow out the action. The can only suggest to an owner about this.

Article 3:

Members (11iC-17iC) have the ability to tip a moderator about the actions of themselves or another member about promotions, demotions, or firings. A member doesn’t have the ability to promote, demote, or fire.

Article 4:

The owner ranks cannot exceed a total of 8 troops to avoid civil wars within the army.

Article 5:

The leaders and government branches of the army, if something shall go wrong, can be impeached (kicked out by the troops) if the Main Leader agrees with this action.

Article 6:

The owners below the 1ic cannot change laws, articles, government, and other important aspects of the army without the say of the 1ic.

Article 7:

If the main leader (1ic) of the army retires, the next rank below will take over. Brining each rank up one spot from their previous.

Article 8:

Moderators cannot become leader without the approval of the 2ic or 1ic.

Article 9:

All ranks have the freedom to vote for new leaders and other important things that effect the army.

Article 10:

Members and Moderators will not lead during events unless it’s a “You Lead” event. Owners will lead at ever event but they have the ability to give the members and moderators the power to lead if they so choose.

5.) Merging

The Red Vikings will not merge unless the Main Owner gives the “okay”. Ranks below 4ic don’t have the power to schedule a merge, a merge must be scheduled by either a 3ic, 2ic, or 1ic. The official “bridging” of the other armies troops will be managed by the Main leader or the leader’s advisor (typically the 2ic) but it could be any member of the army selected by the main leader. The army merging into us will follow our government and follow our rules. The ranks of the troops in the merging army doesn’t insure the same rank in the Red Vikings. The ranks of the new troops will be determined by open space, previous exp, and the ability of the troop to stay active.

6.) Branches

There are 4 branches of the government, consisting of the Bridge of the Allies, the Peace Maker, the War Managers, and the Law Enforcement. The elections of these branches are held every month and will be updating according to the troops ability to stay active. The system works as stated below;

Bridge of the Allies: This person (could be a group of 2-4 people) is responsible for maintaining a strong relationship with our allies. To do so they can do a variety of things, including making Practice Battles, sharing servers, having a training session with both armies, ect. This branch typically includes moderators but they are voted for so it could be owners and mods

Peace Maker: This branch is made up of 1 specific person who, if in the event of war, tries to make peace (at the 1ic disgression). The Peace Maker is responsible for making sure if peace is wanted, they are persistant and determined to make peace with the opposing army. The also write the treaties, (land grants if needed).

War Manager: The War Manager is, as it looks, a war manager that helps maintain a strong war in which we claim many servers. They are typically a 4ic or 3ic but as all voting goes, it could be anyone who wants to sign up for the job. War Managers schedule most of the invasions, defenses, raids, ect. They MUST make sure the war doesn’t go inactive, resulting in a dead war and possibly server losses.

Law Enforcement: The Law Enforcement branch are always moderators (no rank higher than 5ic and no rank lower than 10ic). They help enforce the laws on chat and on the website. Elections for this group will have a smaller amount of people since it can only consist of moderators. The Law Enforcement will have 1-2 people in it, no more than 2.


30 comments on “Nation

  1. back when CPPA 1gen was at war with the RDA, Fort Ghost Recon invaded Oyster from RDA. RDA claimed to defend the server but soon lost it after CPPA invaded it. Therefore we own it but FGR owns it too

  2. Wow Lime! What a successful army! Congratz. But listen, I’ve got a problem. I can’t lead International Soldiers alone anymore. Thats why I’m going to merge ISCP into RV. We max 3 – 7 and average 4. I think it would be a great help for RV. Here are our servers.

    Pine Needles
    South Pole
    Great White
    Dry Ice
    Sub Zero
    Southern Lights
    Wool Socks
    Half Pipe
    Inverno (our capitol – portuguese server)

    We’ve gotten alot of english servers since our war ended with RDA. But before we (ISCP) merge we would like to have a PB/Training Sesionwith RV. To comfirm each others sizes. Here is the list of active troops.

    St Ivy 7th
    13499 X
    St Ivy 8th
    Dost Oyby
    Hotwheels (forgot numbers)

    Well yeah. Also we are currently at war with Cobras so if RV would continue that war that’d be nice.

    Here is the date for the PB.

    Saturday August 25 2012
    Server: Either Inverno or Cozy (Your choice)
    Place: Dock & Underground Mine
    4:00 PM EST
    3:00 PM CST
    2;00 PM MST
    1:00 PM PST
    8:00 GMT
    2:35 Guineaology Zone
    3:58 Froggyology Zone
    9:00 PM UTC
    11:00 AM AKDT
    2:00 AM IST

    Thanks. Please reply for anymore info Lime.

  3. The Sky Troops own Ice Pond and have since August of 2010. We also own many of the servers that you got from the merge comment on this post, such as Arctic, Half Pipe, Wool Socks, Yukon, and Koscuizco as well as Vanilla. Therefore, we officially declare war on the Empire of the Red Vikings. This will be a no allies war. In the result of any ties, the defending army will keep the server or whatever portion of it they own. Here are the first battles.

  4. Hey Lime! So you know you wrote a comment on my site and I’m here to reply to you! I like the idea of merging in fact I was just about to go ask you about merging. The thing is I just made a new army site. And I want it to be big. So I was wondering if you would like to merge into “The Red Army”. We will merge into their too! You’ll get 1ic along with me! So if you want to merge just tell me! The Red Army site was just made so it’s BORING!!! But you can leave me a reply there! The site is

  5. RD may merge but I will need the permission of Youtums. If we do merge it probably will be a colony merge but maybe not.

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