The first part of RV history is when we were called the Club Penguin Pink Alliance (CPPA). The second part of history was the Scouts of CP (SCP). Finally, by July 19th, exactly one year after the creation of the CPPA, the Red Vikings official opened.

Here is how we have progressed as an army throughout the months…

July 2011 [Start of Leadership]: Lime Pumpkin and Morggg1234 founded the CPPA on July 19, 2011. They had no events and focused on getting the site built up.

August 2011 [Age of Discovery]: CPPA began planning new events after recruiting their first active leader, Secondpengi. We discover worthy allies, new enemies, and how to make the site better. Only maxing a small 2+, this was the start of new discovery. Giving the month of August that name.

First Recruitment [August

September 2011 [Age of Struggle]: During this time period of the CPPA, we began on a slow decline of activity. Only 2 active troops were recruited during this month and caused Lime Pumpkin to begin something planned to be the biggest war in CPPA history. At the end of September, Lime Pumpkin declared a war on the Red Driller Army. Beginning the attacks in early October.

Raid of Pine Needles [September

October 2011[The War Era]: This was the beginning of the “War Era”. This was a time in the CPPA history that most Veteran troops recall. The raids and invasions on RDA began on October 8, 2011 and was a success. Claiming Pine Needles from Pug (RDA leader) in mid-October, this angered him. And attempted an invasion of Ice Pond. But that wasn’t a problem for us. We came through with shinning colors. This era was also the time that army news sites began to notice us. Shortly after the invasions, SMAC invited us to the War Zone Day. This was the rising point for us.

War Zone Day Success

November 2011 [Golden Age]: This was a time that CPPA was at the top of the world. We were flying through the seasons and almost as if it were yesterday. This era is know as the Golden Age because our enemies were no longer after us, we had now worries, and still maintained a good troops count. A practice battle with our allies, the Ninja Freedom Force, was most likely the peak of our time. After that, it slowly begins to decline.

Practive Battle with Ninja Freedom Force [November

December 2011 [The Decline]: The name tells it all. By this point, people were starting to spit in our faces because we were a pink army, our allies a friends stabbed us in the back, and worst of all…we go to war with our allies over Permafrost. And if it couldn’t get any worse, Fusion Warriors, a medium army, declares war on us. Even with all of this commotion, we still manage to pull through with a 7 average size.

Cleansing of Permafrost [December]

 January 2012 [The New Beginning]: 6 months of hard work really fly by. CPPA leader can’t stand the stress of a pink army, so changes the name to Scouts and starts over. Nothing more came from the Scouts. “Never Back Down”

July 2012 [Age of Amazement]: At last. After 2 armies that failed, we created the Red Vikings. This era was named what it is because everyone was amazed we ever got into the top ten, had 12 active troops, and maintained medium sizes for two weeks. The Red Vikings continued to amaze after successfully invading several armies servers. This will hopefully be the start of something big.

Training [July]

August 2012 [The Red War]: This era was named as such when the Red Vikings were at war with the Sky Troops. This war nickname was created by the Sky Troops and kept. This war was the biggest and longest war so far. During August, the Red Vikings were at war with the Shadow Warriors.

September 2012: [End of 1G]: Due to Lime’s absence, the Red Vikings died. Lack of strong leading also led the RV to it’s doom. But, this wasn’t the complete end. Just the end of the 1G

(No picture available)

October 2012: [New Beginning]: This was the beginning of the 2nd generation of the Red Vikings. Lime, the creator lead for about a day or so and then quit when she was mad at Brian, a former 2iC that was fired during the beginning of the 2G. After that Cawasky2 a Hall of Fame troop was requested to be the next Viking King/Queen and lead RV, but he had quit Club Penguin Armies and didn’t want to lead us, so a former leader of one of our brother allies wanted to merge his army (FFACP) into RV and lead, Lime accepted and he started to lead them. On his first post he stated he promised to try his best to lead The Red Vikings to success!



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