This system consists of 6 stages of alert levels. The 1-6 scale gives every different level of danger as opposed to the common DefCon. Level 1 Sesaf is the least amount of threats, Level 6 is the most amount of threats

SeSaf: Server Safety

Server Alerts!

SeSaf 1= Safe/Very Little patrol needed

SeSaf 2= Moderately Safe/Might need some patrol

SeSaf 3= Careful/Watch for strange activity

SeSaf 4= Unsafe/Server has had some activity, patrol heavily

Sesaf 5= Warning/Server is in danger, get a search party to look for enemies

SeSaf 6= Server is/has been RAIDED! Get allies and look for the enemy


Server Watch List

  1. Oyster
  2. Mukluk
  3. Alpine
  4. Pine Needles
  5. Permafrost
  6. Wind Chill
  7. Grizzly
  8. Flippers
  9. Sled
  10. Slushy
  11. Ice Pond


Person Watch List


Alert= Watch out for strange behavior on chat

Alert= Person could be breaking the rules/watch out

Alert= If you see this person on chat, contact a mod/owner NOW! If nobody is online, click the person’s name and then click the “ignore” button until an owner/mod comes. Make a warning on the Chat page that the person was sighted


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