Top Ten Worthy [I expect 10+]

Well well well, RV. Looks like the SMAC has really lowered their standards for who they put in the top ten. In fact, we’ve already surpassed the first armies 10-5 in the top ten in size and tactics. If they continue to have such low standards, we should be able to easily accomplish the top 5 if not top 3 in SMAC.

I also expect us to accomplish at least 12+ next week. I want every single one of you to recruit 2 people this week. If we can recruit 8 more active troops, we should be able to reach our former title of major.

We got more than this at an unscheduled event.

Really? This is a top ten army?

This is how much we could have had if we had half of our troops at the unscheduled event. But, people don’t spend their entire lives on xat.

Yeahhhh…not very impressive, right? Well don’t fret Red Vikings. We’ll get back into the top ten very soon. I need more recruits and I need more active troops. Those of you who become inactive will be fired.

~Lime The Viking King


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