Training Session/Recruiting [TIME CHANGE] ~ PB with GD

Freakky Edit: I’ve also planned something for us, we’ll be training VERY hard this week, cuz I promise you, next week, we’re at least a Top Fifteen. We’re having a PB with GD, so be ready and MAKE THIS EVENT!!! All this week we’re having much training but next Saturday, its big business. SO MAKE THIS EVENT!!! I accept at least 10-15 at this next week event. C YA dair!


Server: Outback

11:00 AM PST

12:00 PM MST

1:00 PM CST

2:00 PM EST

7:00 PM GMT


   I apologize for the late notice, but I decided if we are going to rise to the top we will need to start off quickly and with power.

   Because we haven’t had very many events lately (and the ones you HAVE had weren’t very successful) I decided we needed a little training session to kinda get our rusty gears moving again to prepare for future battles.

   To the New Troops: I expect you to respect me and the other leaders during this event because I will respect you. We are all here for the same reasons. To have fun and to rise above all.

What: Training Session

Where: Pine Needles, Stadium

When: Sunday, November 4

Why: To prepare for our upcoming war…


5:30 EST

4:30 CST

3:30 MST

2:30 PST

10:30 GMT (Excused)

~Lime the Viking King


My Return. Let’s Roll.

   I’ve been very disappointed in the way things have been going around here. It’s very saddening to see RV in such a weak state right now, and it’s not completely the fault of our leaders. Yes. Even the troops have responsibility for the army. Here is how things are going to go down.

  • We get new graphics
  • We train train train
  • Get new allies
  • Declare war
  • Become major once more

   Now that we’ve left our Golden Age behind, it’s going to take a lot longer to grow to our former size. But, as I’ve been looking through the SMAC top tens, I’ve found something very interesting. The SMAC has really lowered their standards to who they give the top ten to. Now a days, they give a top ten title to an army who gets a mere 3 troops! If this is the case, I expect us to be medium very soon.

   And finally, I expect every single one of you to give 110% if you really want this army to rein once more. Are you ready?

~Lime The Viking King


Look whos back! Recruiting Sessions-

Sup RV! Welcome back to the world of armies! We are going to be having a recruiting session with me as your new 2ic! Yes! I have been invited to lead you once again! Let’s see how far this time though. I will be excpecting all the leaders to attend this including the troops of course. If you do not yet know about medals, well let’s tell you about them. Medals will be known as Helmets in our army, ok? Everytime you do a specific thing listed on the Helmet Earning list, you get a specific amount of Helmets! If we get 10+ Today I will give out promotions to every mod Rank and below. 4ics will get 10 Helmets. 3ics will get 5. And 2ics… well… 10+ is an acomplisment… But sadly Im only granting us 2ics 2 helmets. Leaders get nothing.


What: Recruiting Session

Where: Alpine, Ice Berg

Why: We need practice

When: Thursday, 1st November







Comment if you can come!


Possible Comeback [Do you need me back?]

   Hello Red Vikings. I’ve come here on behalf of the Pirate’s rein of terror. Unfortunately, this is just how Club Penguin armies work. You have one super power, all of the armies slightly below that super power, and then you have the smaller army who strives for power but cannot do so without taking drastic measures. In this case, it’s the Pirates attempting to take over all small armies. The Pirates have attempted to do this many times before, but failed. The truth of the matter is, they cannot defeat all small armies. Small armies have a special quality that all major armies have lost. That is the deep care for their troops and their allies. Small armies will for alliances to defeat the Pirates once and for all.

You don’t lead by hitting people over the head – that’s assault, not leadership.
Dwight D. Eisenhower


Army defenses CANCELED!!!!!!!!!!



The pirates are invading small armies, to try and destroy them once and for all. I have gotten freakys permission to have the rv help these armies. All events are worth 15 whatever you guys use. The important event is worth 25. I’m exepecting at least 3 troops for each event, 5 for the important one. We need as many troops as we can get.

7pm GMT, 3 pm EST, 2 pm CST, 1 pm MST, 12 pm PST

ARMY: Chaos of CP


Raid of Ice Shelf:

Wednesday, 31st October 2012

7pm GMT, 3 pm EST, 2 pm CST, 1 pm MST, 12 pm PST

ARMY: Club Penguin Night Divers


Raid of Hot Chocolate:

Thursday November 1st 2012

7pm GMT, 3 pm EST, 2 pm CST, 1 pm MST, 12 pm PST

ARMY: Gamer Warriors


Raid of Outback:

Friday November 2nd 2012

7pm GMT, 3 pm EST, 2 pm CST, 1 pm MST, 12 pm PST

ARMY: Global Defenders


What:Invasion of small armies capitals[IMPORTANT]

When: 3rd November 2012 Saturday

Server: Klondike

7:00 PM GMT

3:00 PM EST

2:00 PM CST

1:00 PM MST

12:00 PM PST

6:00 AM AUS

Lets do this RV!!!!!!!!


Active Count

Vikings, we’re on the edge of death. Something better get better now, or NEVER. I don’t wan RV to die, but like I said we’re on the edge of death. That’s why we’re having an active count, and everybody SHALL recruit!!! If we don’t get more then three-four active soldiers, well we’ll have to think of what to do next, ANYONE WHO DOESN’T COMMENT BELOW WITHIN THE DAYS OF Oct. 28th-Nov. 1st will be DEMOTED!!!


CP Name:

RV Rank:

Will you be active?

Are you going to go on one of our servers and recruit?




Good Luck Soldiers

~Freakky Poo1

In new tournament

Sup peeps!

We’re participating in the 1st ever SANCP Halloween Bash, here’s the times, dates, stuff like that. BE ON CHAT!!!

October 27, 2012

Yin and Yang of cp vs Red  Vikings vs  The rare penguins vs Club Penguin Air Force    Saturday 10pm GMT, 5pm EST, 4pm CST, 3pm MST, 2pm PST

Purple Reublic’s in 4 a KILL


One of Club Penguin Armies worst nightmare have been spotted rapidly on the server “Cozy”, guesses are that they are getting logged on BEFORE another army comes on to crush them, well Purple Republic have been scattered all around that server here are some pics, anyone work for a news thing? Please post a post with a link to this post, XD, I just said the same word 3X. Um, uh, anyway I trust in you soldiers to alert others and carry out a NEW mission titled “MISSION IMPOSSIBLE: SAVE CP“. I trust you soldiers, this is up to you now. Ask me for any questions or concerns by commenting below or emailing me at:

P.S We’ve entered into the SANCP Halloween Bash, times will be told A.S.A.P


~Freakky Poo1


I don’t accept this crap

SOLDIERS! Wake us right now, we’re on the edge of death and you know why? Cuz you soldiers gave up on RV and went on to work for other armies, that or you just don’t care. When you enlist you promise to stay active, to fight for freedom, to be a legendary Red Viking. Well guess what? They’re may not be no more of this if you noobs keep forgetting about us. As your leader, well let’s go back, when I became your leader I said “I promise to bring RV back to the Top Ten” and I will keep that promise, but I need your help, now I’m not an unreasonable man, and I am a man of my word and I won’t give out demotions this time but I am making a new law to Government. “I speech here that we have now one more law, a law that shall be respected, and followed. As one of two 1iCs of the great army of The Red Vikings I here by declare that every-time a soldiers DOES NOT come to an event without an excuse ahead of time, they will get a check that after getting one over three times results in demotion, if a demotion is given to a soldiers three times, a 1iC is told and then he/she decide what the punishment shall be” I hope ALL soldiers respect and follow these rules, I am not being mean, we just need more laws and rules to follow so we can be the best we can be. Thank You Soldiers and have a nice day!
~Freakky Poo1