Unscheduled Training Results

Lime: We got 7 online but Freeky had to leave so he didn’t take a picture. Not bad today troops, but I expect better from now on.

Sup peeps!

Today, actually right now 5 soldiers went on recruiting, it wasn’t the best but it was made within 5 minutes, and wasn’t posted, just made of people on chat at a very usually boring time, this is not our FULL size, but for a VERY unscheduled training, it was pretty good! Now to other soldiers, don’t forget to come to our Training/Recruiting Session tomorrow. I aspect at least 6-8 soldiers there. If you forgot the times, there in Lime’s post, below. Anyway here’s some pics from today!

The start of our session started off pretty good!


A pretty good tactic! “Join the RV today!”

“Always Improving”, some original RV words!

Five… Pretty Good!


~Freakky Poo1


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